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Classes and spiritual events are listed below.


Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) - The Premier Jewish Adult Education Provider. 

Three courses per year, many of them Accredited. To read more and for the upcoming course please visit myjli.com



Join us every other Sunday for Talmud study with bagels and lox. This is a beginners course and all are welcome. Email Director@YJPMadison.com for information. 



Want to learn how to read Hebrew? Wish you knew the Alef Bet? In five classes you can master the language! That's a guarantee or your money back. 



Women have been entrusted with the special Mitzvah of Family Purity and Mikvah, starting prior to their wedding. To learn the insights and laws of Mikvah before your wedding, contact Mushkie at Mushkie@YJPMadison.com or 608.203.8014.


One-on-One Study

You choose the topic! Contact Director@YJPMadison.com to schedule a study session today.